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  1. Im Playing the game on PC it runs smoothly but its very buggy, and the Cut Features are just gone…thats the only good thing on runs smoothly….but everything else sums up the vid

    1. @Punished TubNub Not how your dad saw it while he was choking on it

    2. @Notepad If the only thing you can think about is dick size then youre pretty gay

    3. @Punished TubNub Theres nothing based about racism forsenWeird

  2. I hope everybody learns after this disaster that preorder is the biggest bs ever created…see the product first and then buy for god sake

    1. not just pre-order. also day 1 purchase. i havent preorder or day 1 purchase since Watch Dogs, and after No Mans Sky i was convinced 200%. now 300%.

    2. that´s why, if I preorder a game, I buy it on Steam, so I can give it back any time before it launches. But true, preorder is in generell a shit idea

    3. Its a lost cause. The whole wait til its out, vote with your wallet thing has been going on since 2012 at least

  3. Bringing big names celebrity mostly ended up with bad/mediocre result.

    1. @Spike 126 Those are more story elements which people seemed to like a lot, at least considerably more than the awful bugs, glitches, and immersion. I dont like the story that much either, but I fail to see how Keanu was the problem, at least a bigger problem than the writing, incessant exposition, and production of the story and cutscenes.

      It also isnt a definitive causation. Theres plenty of shitty games without a big name celebrity or celebrity cast so I dont know where this idea comes from.

      Keanu didnt make or write the game, he just VAd it and was the face of the games advertisement.

    2. @Geer578 4RCE They overused Keanu to the point where the player actually ends up becoming him. Maybe it doesnt necessitate a bad game, but in this instance, it is clear that including Kenau Reeves was a major factor in this game being so poor.

    3. That has nothing to do with the end result of the game. I don’t see how a celebrity cast necessitates a poor product. The only argument I can see is that it leads to lots of hype, but CP2077 wasn’t a slight disappointment, it’s a fucking mess, mechanically.

  4. Overhyped = dogshit LULW

    Hogwarts legeacy please be good

    i want more capcom games FeelsOkayMan best company right now

    1. @Rana well that is a bad perspective ; ) id say they will keep improvising what makes them famous in the first place, like DMC and RE( although zombie thingy is getting stale), rather than giving false promises like KipperPunk 2077 forsenGa

    2. lol wait till capcom milk you dry with 69th edition of same game.

  5. Jesus fucking christ.. Hearing you make excuses for this release is just painful. Ill just leave this comment here for now and return at the end to see if the message of Crowbcats video somehow got through to you. Fingers crossed. *(Nope, pretty much ended like Id expected)*

    1. @SR47 I couldnt agree more. You sir are a gentleman and a scholar.

    2. Skipping over the last minute of the video showing all the advertisement in the form of billboards and merch with the lyrics personal responsibility was just perfect. But hey, just play the game on PC after a couple of patches and everythings fiiiiine. Its fiiiiiine. *Only the last gen console release was* _that_ *buggy.* And hey, you cant complain since they offered refun.. oh.. wait. Playstation doesnt offer refunds? They had to change their policy for this one game in particular? Wait, theres a time limit for how long you can request a refund?

      Ill give you credit for questioning if all the footage of bugs could be cherry-picked and for being critical of the information being given to you without having played it yourself.. but that wasnt really the point. No one forced CDPR to make the statements that they did prior to release. No one forced CDPR to release the game on the 8th of december. No one forced CDPR to release the game on last gen consoles. No one forced CDPR to invite media and have them play a 4-hour demo that did not represent what the game would be. Im not going to judge you on this one clip alone but from what Im hearing – it seems like you _might_ be the key demographic and dream consumer for CDPR or other companies that pull this crap again and again and again.

      Ill end by simply spelling it out for you: *S* *T* *O* *P* *P* *R* *E* *-* *O* *R* *D* *E* *R* *I* *N* *G* *G* *A* *M* *E* *S*

  6. A dead rat would probably have a better reaction. This guy is gone from his own head.

  7. I wonder whats average IQ of this guys viewers. doubt its above 30.

  8. the original video shows the real problems of the game crystal clear and fanboys donate to say that the game is fins. people still in denial when they can see it with their own eyes. absolute pathetic.

  9. Twitch chat is so full of scum. Only spam and stupid messages. Dont they moderate it? This is unwatchable

  10. Heres one positive thing I can say:

    Trying to break the game is actually fun

  11. Imagine defending a multi million dollar company that was sued by multiple law firms because of false advertising. I dont give a fuck if, on your PC, this game runs even better than what was showed in the trailers. This was a complete fraud, a fake, false advertisement, a scam. Call it whatever you want, but defending this because On my PC everythings fine and I played 1000 hours its fucking idiotic and harmful. Defending this shit enables other companies to keep doing it.

    And yeah sure, some people didnt have any issue with the game. They played on PC and had decent hardware and were a bit lucky so they didnt encounter any major game breaking bug. But this doesnt excuse everything else, saying that its not a scam because it runs well on YOUR platform is fucking ridiculous. Theres also PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X, they advertised on those platforms and took money from the owners of said platforms. Just because you werent directly involved with this shit doesnt mean you should accept it, have some fucking values.

    I get that this sucks even more than usual because this is not EA or Activision were talking about, its fucking CD Project. The good guys. Well, this should teach everyone that there arent any good guys and just because you made good stuff in the past doesnt mean youre immune from doing awful shit in the future. Sometimes they do a good job and sometimes they do a bad job and you shouldnt just forgive & forget false advertisement based on goodwill and reputation.

    If people shat on No Man Sky (rightly so) then Cyberpunk deserves the same treatment if not worse. After about a year No Man Sky had basically fixed all of its issues and even added more stuff than what was originally promised. If it was released in the state that it is today it wouldve been a huge success. Lets see if next December Cyberpunk will be a decent game

  12. I actually hated cyberpunk pre release with a passion. From what we got of the game before release it seemed to like normiefy the aesthetic, but i played it when it came out (because someone bought it for me and i forced myself to play it as to not waste that persons money). And i actually like the game like its a fun lil game to fuck around in, especially with the dev console mod.

    So yeah, its funny to me how i absolutely despised it before and now like it and others were sucking the games dick 24/7 and now hate it
    althought i gotta say the character creation is absolute dogshit.

    1. people never expected that CDPR will fack us in the ass and thats why gamers hyped it. and some played 4 hours of gameplay in summer 2020. how we should know that CDPR will fack us like this, especially those that played 4 hours of gameplay a few months before the release?


  14. They keep saying the story is good. But actually no. There are far better cyberpunk movies that have told better stories than this.

    1. @conyo985
      sure, but that doesnt mean its not good.

    2. @Sapia Ntomata I loved the story mostly because of the characters, but I kinda agree on the fact that the story focuses focuses on Johnny more than V at some points.

      Spoilers for the endings:

      I really disliked that Johnny criticizes you depending on your choice, for example when you choose to go with Arasaka or with the Nomads, Johnny suddenly becomes a bitch and says that you did the wrong choice and shit talks you….. EXCUSE ME BITCH, its my body, therefore I can do whatever I want with it, Johnny is literally an unknown intruder that almost takes over Vs body, and then he gets mad when you want to live(?), doesnt make sense in my opinion.

    3. also, the story is mostly focused on Keanu Reeves and not V. i dont like this. this is a big minus for me. easily -1 point from the score. if they DLC is focused on Keanu Reeves ill be even more disappointed.

  15. If you look at bottom left, hes actually playing on PC, which makes it even worst OMEGALUL

    1. @Александър Тренчев He actually did play it, he adds extra things himself besides other videos he credits.

    2. Crowbcat didnt play shit, most of the video is clips from others.

  16. It went so wrong cuz the devs wroked both on the engine and the game at the same time, so you can get the idea how messy it would be when they had to program certain aspects of the game when the assets werent even programed in the first place.

  17. person with over 360 hours into the game and 3 lifepaths fully explored here.
    Game runs semi fine on my pc, i do get 30fps in some highly crowded areas, the dialogue choices dont matter all that much but story is amazingly beautiful.
    Although i may be based a bit for having fallen in love with this game for the scope and size of the city, the story, characters and the way you can customize your V both in looks and in combat mechanics, i have to agree with some donos that throw fair bits of hate and warning towards it, do not touch the base console versions, its not good.
    Even some pcs struggle, id strongly advise not to play with RTX on, it will consumme your pc completly from what i heard.
    I am forced to play on medium settings and my pc is not half bad, it just requires that damn much from it, the bugs are prevelant but nowhere near as bad as it might look in this video.
    My biggest gripe with the game is NPC AI and the cop system, my other issues stem from small visual bugs and LOD textures not loading quick enough in some crowded areas to both npcs and cars.
    Car diversity in night city is a bit scarce, theres alot of empty promises that werent fullfilled such as buying houses and customizing cars, alot of the blame is set on the marketting campaign and thats a damn shame really.
    Forsen should give it a fair shot one day, i dont think hell explore one third of what the game has to offer, i think hell focus primarely on the main mission and do maybe a few little side quests but fuck it, i think hes not gonna regret it.

  18. I played it on PC for 30+ hours (started in December) and I hardly came across with any off those bugs. I guess the pc footage in the video is from the release version. still, the mechanics that arent presented still in the game, like demolishing cars are the laggy AI, that arent bugs are still in the game, so that has not changed. Not as many bugs on PC as in the video.

    1. @TSEDLE333 yeah true. There were less bugs in my playthrough but still the missing content and fewer possibilites in generel then in GTAV for example were present, which is a bummer, because i generally liked the game. Yes, the world feels a bit dull and limited and some mechanics and physics seem cheap (especially water animations, AIs, closed bars etc.) but for me the world still feels alive and large. Especially, due to the unique and very well written main and support characters. And i think at least the gameplay is alright, especially gunplay and overall running, climbing, etc. and car driving. But that´s my opinion, so I get it when some people literally hate the game due to disappointment, bugs, overpromises , etc.

    2. Lucky…there are HUNDREDS of VIDEOS around the internet with people playing on 2-5k USD PCs that are just as FUCKED as the footage used in the Crowbcat video…EVEN after the patches…and those are just the bugs…not talking about piss poor AI everywhere, lifeless city AND NPCs, the lies, the outdated mechanics, the missing content/features that were either promised and/or touted by the just a few weeks old promo vids, etc…

  19. “You can find a compilation of fucked up bugs in GTA V”

    A game that came out almost a DECADE AGO it’s 2020-2021 there is no excuse for this shit

  20. At least Forsen got a bit richer from those dumbass donos defending this pos game.

  21. Fucking donos being lying shills lmao. All of the gameplay is from PC.

  22. I ran CP2077 on a $4,000 supercomp and the bugs are still game breaking. At least at the moment of this comment.

  23. its literally no mans sky and those guys had to overcome a studio flood too and they fixed the game
    and YES at 40:37 its the same cuz no mans sky advertised as multiplayer and cyberpunk advertised as RPG so its the same false advertising shit
    the double standards…

    1. Cyberpunk 2077 was supposed to be released in April 2020. imagine if it did. someone tested the game and said: yup. its ready to release. announce April 2020 release. such incompetence.

  24. Fanboi you are trash and cant see a shit game developer company for what it is.

  25. the video has gameplay on ps4 and pc. Cyberpunk 2077 works poorly on all platforms.

  26. These fucking redditors hyping up every game and crying when its shit

  27. god the statement :everyone who is not willing to wait for updates, pisses me off to no end, dont victim blame

  28. The shitty looking cars at 4:15 are simple 2D billboards that are used for the furthest LOD (Level of detail) for traffic. Theyre only supposed to be seen from literally miles away, but obviously something messed up here, allowing them to be seen much closer up, haha

  29. Cyberpunk 2077 was supposed to be released in April 2020. imagine if it did. someone tested the game and said: yup. its ready to release. announce April 2020 release. Hello Games studio flooded and they lost lots of data and they couldnt delay the game for 2-3 years. but Cyberpunk 2077 had no release date in 2019 when Mike Podsmith himself said that Cyberpunk 2077 will be released when its ready, and yet the game was released while it wasnt ready. they could easily come out and say that the game has issues and has to be delayed. the overwhelming majority would be ok with this since most people said take your time. we can wait as a response to what Mike Podsmith said. and i dont wanna hear about death threats. this nonsense doesnt make developers release games faster.

  30. I also wish he did put a logo somewhere on the screen to see what platform it is (for example unloaded roads he is driving and faces that load in front of you are obviously from consoles or a slow pc) but it wouldnt change much the statement given, just for convenience.

  31. 21:07 warre_p: Stop watching, rest of the video is juste more of the same

    LMAO look at this fanboy trying to hide the rest of the video that adress the lies of CDPR … Pathetic …

    1. @Александър Тренчевmost of the gameplay is recorded by crowbcat, as stated in the description

    2. @Александър Тренчев >anime profile pic
      are you even trying

    3. @Александър Тренчев He nerver said he made those clips …
      And the purpose of the video is not even to show the bugs. Its to show every lie that Cyberpunk made … This video in not a compilation of bugs … Its a structured compilation that show what wrong with the game.

    4. Its true, Crowbcat just stole some videos and mashed them together, bugs and glitches in the rest of the video.

    5. @RhySin lol basically
      You can lie if your name is CDPR – CDPR Fanboys …

  32. These fanboys dono actually bootlicking the company lmao i cant

    1. @hsing-yi huang You can do so much with $10, but these absolute sad idiots donate to a millionaire defending a corporation that doesnt even give a fuck about them

    2. imagine donating $10 to a millionaire to defend a multibillion dollar corporation like wtf is wrong with people

    3. @Just Chill Witcher 3 was ok. i wouldnt call it overrated. the DLCs that cost $20 have the quality of a lot of AAA games at $60. the issue was the combat. everything else is solid.

  33. Forsens take on them focusing on a witcher 4 is the most intelligent thing he said in this video. I already had that thought before cyberpunk even came out

    1. Wow Tim, thanks for that idee of thinking of a next witcher game. Nobody has done this before ^^

  34. On launch day I never had many bugs just crashed 10 times but other then that no ai bugs or texture problems. This makes me confused

  35. The fucking donos ruined this video, probably were unironically paid shills of CD Projekt Red

  36. Its a shame really, there is so much potential just wasted inside this absolute mess. The state of the modern gaming industry, especially from cd project, bitches shiped a game on ubisoft/activision/EA quality

  37. i like how forsen pauses the video to hear the tts, that shows he atually cares, then i look at xqc and he just ignores everything lol

  38. 38:08 the way he said advertisement really fucking bothers me

  39. Cyberpunk 2077 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777 777..

    1. forsenJoy . o 0 ( Sadge the juicers are stealing our memes )

  40. Watching a react video with retarded donos is really triggering.

  41. I play on XboxSX and just today, did a quest retrieving from underwater. There was a cat sat underwater licking its paws. Games working as intended 🤣

  42. If he wouldve just checked the description of the video, he would have seen that all the clips were original and played on pc and ps4. Imagine what bugs crowbcat encountered that didnt make the vid because it would have been way longer

    1. Imagine if he played on the original Xbox one

      That was the worst console of that generation

      (I’m not a ps4 fan boy trying to start a console war it’s just the truth)

      The order goes Xbox one, ps4, ps4 pro, Xbox one x

      So Microsoft has both the worst and best console of that generation

      Again I’m not trying to stream console war those are just the facts

      Xbox has the best and worst console with ps4 just being alright in the middle

  43. The game is a shit cake with a layer of sugar over it.

  44. They f that up because they received gorvnment money instead of using their own money

  45. Chat complaining about a 41 minute video as if they dont watch 2+ hour streams every other day

    1. guess why? cause its the xbox one version. the series x and ps5 versions will be released on 2nd half of 2021. btw, these clips are from PC. look the button icons on the UI.

  46. God I wish it worked fine on PC. I have 170 hours in the game and it was none stop bugs (I have a 3060 Ti and AMD Ryzen 5 2600). Sure it works as in … you can play it and it doesnt really crash (at least not for me, seen other peoples game crash while streaming on twitch), but throughout the entire game, the bugs you see here do also occur on PC. The only real difference is on the last gen consoles, this stuff happens so much that its unplayable. On PC and current gen consoles the bugs happy constantly enough to make the game feel like a joke at times.

    Some people defending the game will act like it works perfectly fine on PC and the nmake claims anyone who says otherwise likely has a crappy PC. But you can literally look up video after video, watch lets players, watch other streamers. People who have a 3090 still experiencing these bugs. I have not watched a single person playing this game go through it without any bugs occuring.

    So the question is this. who are you going to believe. Someone who claims they never experience bugs despite all the video evidence including PC footage, or some person who has no footage?

    Its a fun game, well designed city, and the story is alright. But thats about it. Oh, and music is good too. Everything else is pretty average or mediocre.

  47. Even the graphics of the game arent that good, people are delusional because of how futuristic it is and dont realize that even ignoring the million bugs and shitty game in general, even if the game didnt have that many bugs, the game is shit anyways, the game still doesnt look any better than games from 2015/2016, Rise Of The Tomb Raider is just one example lol

  48. ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ dedi ki:

    Copesen The game isnt that bad Forsen. Copesen They will patch it later. Copesen The pc version isnt that bad. Copesen Most games are buggy at realese.

  49. His chat is worst than xqc’s, also holy shit his tts bot voice is weird af

  50. the Crowbcat video is really misleading. I spent over 160 hrs in that game and never witnessed any of this shit, few visual glitches here and there sure, but nothing like this, lul. not trying to defend things that are objectively bad, like the pedestrian AI, the police system is outright laughable and theres more, but the things, that the game does good are SO GOOD, that they make the bad things irrelevant in comparion. at least imo. Its really well written, the plots are intriguing and the characters have more soul and personality than any game ive ever played. the combat and character building is also really fun

    I dont think iam a fanboy, the company doesnt mean shit to me and i always considered Witcher 3 overrated. but in CP i spent more time than in any GTA game, RDR2 etc and i enjoyed every minute of it. and when i finished the story, all i wanted was to create second character.

    i get, that people are pissed because of the cut content, and false promises, but the game never stood a chance to live up to the hype anyway.

    1. misleading? did you watch the UI button icons? he played on PC. the bugs on any game are random and not universal to all gamers. some have them, others dont. the game has so many bad things that the good dont outweigh the bad.

  51. People are complaining about the Donos but he seems to be handling them the best I’ve seen next to xqc just ignoring them

    At least Forsen pauses so I can skip over whatever dumb ass just wasted his money on something nobody will ever see

    Like me who just skipped over that shit

  52. It doesnt matter if it plays well on pc, the game is still devoid of features and mechanics that were promised.
    The city is pretty to look at, but has no essence.

    1. @Catie X Just because you dont, doesnt mean that others are the same. Some of us do eat food from street vendors, and the fact that we cant do it in cyberpunk means its less immersive than GTA: San Andreas.

      By the way, its not dirty or dangerous. Otherwise it would be illegal as it would count into food poisoning.

    2. @Catie X Immersive? You cant even eat or drink at food stalls! Even GTA San Andreas did it better in 2004!

    3. I forgot who said it but they said it best

      “Look but don’t touch”

  53. well I have to agree with trump there I guess. If you play the game on PC you can have a good time, I played it a lot for my channel and enjoyed every minute of it. BUT I have not seen what happened on the Console Versions man that sucks and I understand the outrage…

    1. @Ruxis256 good for you. to me its not much different than No Mans Sky with all content missing, unfinished features, etc. the difference from No Mans Sky is that Cyberpunk 2077 has a finished story. everything else is the same: lies upon lies, on top of lies, mounted on other lies, making a tower of lies. when you try to do something else besides side quests and the main story the problems appear 1 by 1. the game wasnt meant to be so linear based on what the developers have said, but its so linear cause the developers delivered an alpha version instead of a finished game, and we can see it from this video that its an alpha version. they admitted that the wanted level was added at the last minute, and thats why its so bad. its not a bug that makes the wanted level bad. its barely developed. thats why its bad. the game easily needed like 2-3 more years of development to be finished. imagine if it was released in April 2020 as it was scheduled before the delays. someone looked at the game and said: yup. its ready for release. make an announcement for April 2020 release. such incompetence. yikes.

    2. @Sapia Ntomata I know, hence the Copesen. I was joking on the fan boys that still like it, I didnt buy it in the first place because I wasnt blinded from the hype and have seen the first bug videos

    3. nice joke. even without the bugs the game is like 5-6/10. the problems are not the bugs. did you even watch the video? the clips where cops appear behind you is not a bug. this is how its programmed to work. the car chase scene where he didnt shoot the van that was chasing him and the sequence ended isnt a bug either. these sequences are heavily scripted and are programmed to end in a specific spot no matter what. also, the chase sequences dont happen dynamically as they said but theyre heavily scripted and appear when theyre programmed to appear. the street kid-corpo-nomad origin is useless for 95% of the game, the same for the dialogue options, you cant purchase different houses as they said, cant interact with food shops, cant enter various buildings, and list of real problems in gameplay mechanics and features can be seen in this video. look besides the bugs-glitches and you will see them. theyre right in front of your eyes. besides story and side quests that were delivered, the rest game is a lie like Sean Murray said in No Mans Sky.

  54. This is NOT only PS4 material. Just look at the UI – there are PC hotkeys.

  55. sure they will fix the bugs. but what about the AI, wanted system, car chase, make street kid-corpo-nomad be useful for the rest 95% of the game, same for dialogue options, etc nonsense they fed us but didnt deliver? when you do a crime the cops that appear behind you from thin air is not a bug. this is how its programmed to work. same for when they chase you for 15 seconds and then leave, and for not chasing you with vehicles when you drive a vehicle, etc. are these gameplay problems gonna get fixed? press X to doubt. they will fix the bugs and say: the game is playable now. go play and leave us alone.

    1. @ultratronger another 40 GB update for a single player game thats not free?

  56. ok, lets say the fuking game runs perfectly and has NO bugs, but does that fix the shallow world n lies CD told? something went VERY wrong while making this game and Im sad and disappointed CD not only hid the mess they did but the suffering n mess they placed on their devs. Truly sad.

    1. people think that the problem is the bugs when videos like this(im talking about the original video) show that its not the bugs and they show the problems, and yet a lot of people cant realize it when its in front of their eyes. some fanboys in the stream chat are proof. especially those that donate for the bot to say their words. absolutely pathetic to deny facts that you can see.

    1. Sadly it cant. No mans sky is procedurally generated, so it is easy to add content. CP2077 is a full story game, there isnt much to be done. But at least the bugs should get ironed out.


  57. in the end of the video someone on the live chat said 40 minutes wasted. $60-100+++ wasted in this pile of dung game. look besides the bugs. look the shitty mechanics, AI, etc. these are the real problems. will they be fixed? press X to doubt. all the lies they said are at the level of Sean Murray and No Mans Sky. the game will have this, this this, and that. the game has none of that. besides the meh story and side quests that were delivered, everything else is lies upon lies. if you think that fixing the bugs will make the game 10/10 youre delusional as fack. youre like taking the blue pill in the movie Matrix instead of the red pill. the game needs No Mans Sky redemption arc to get good. if not the game will be at best a 5/10.

  58. The chat saying its mostly fixed and console footage when there is clearly PC prompts on screen lmao.
    This game got people on some REAL special brew of copium.

  59. 12:43
    That hit differently… Sadge …

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