Savaşlarla slot makinesi

Lisanslı Aams Slot Makinesi | Slot makineleri ve ödeme yüzdeleri nasıl çalışır

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  1. Ive played Cash Fortune Deluxe. Its very volatile. But the bonuses can be sweet. The ones Ive gotten dropped lots of coin amounts during the bonus. The dragon (or turtle) can give you random pays or free games like most Mighty Cash games (if I remember correctly) but its also very volatile just like other games of that type. The Cashman Bingo looked exciting.

  2. ive said this before but need to repeat, LOVE the variety of games u play on your channel!❤️

  3. Wonder if ya have a singles sloys nights during summer. I sign up for it. 🤘🤟

  4. Absolutely loved you jumping thru the introduction of the video…that was sooo funny…those people in the background was like…What ???…🤣

  5. Youre too funny Brian….1. You didnt take your backup spin on CashMan so missed out on possible free games. And then 2. You say no back up spin on the next game and do it to actually WIN the free games. Do what you mean and not what you say….lol. LOVE YOUR CHANNEL!!

  6. Lol, the beeping that was happening when you were playing Cash Fortune Deluxe had me thinking that a big truck was backing into my driveway. I kept going over to the window to look for it before I realized it was coming from the video. 🤣

  7. I would love to play Mr.Cashman it looks fun. Awesome video Brian and Britt.

  8. Yes multiplier …multiplies the jackpot i got a times 2 and picked a major ($500) and doubled to $1000

  9. Cash Fortune Deluxe is mesmerizing. Great graphics and sound.

  10. Thanks for sharing the new Cashman Bingo machine Brian! I play this online and love it; will now be looking for it at my local. Thanks for all your entertaining and enjoyable content it’s most appreciated.

  11. Money money money!!! Congratulations 🎈🎉🎊🍾

  12. Good job BC and Britt laugh makes my day thank you guys for everything you do for us

  13. That 3rd game wasnt ready to do much. Awesome session😁👏👏👏

  14. Most entertaining..your giving me the urge to go to my closest casino..have fun!👍

  15. That cash fortune machine is one of the worst machines ever. Line hits are so far and few between and don’t pay much even when they do hit.

  16. Brittanys reactions are really adding to the videos over the past few months. I think she deserves another bottle of tequilla Brian.

  17. Your show is entertaining, but I was at Maryland Live! yesterday, blew threw over $700 in a few hours, not paying the way it seems to be on your videos

  18. I play this online and LOVE IT! Love watching my BC morning and night video’s

    1. @Lucian2dbone in the App Store I play Mr. Cashman it’s a fun app tons of games, it gives hour bonus to get coins. I know they do have ones you can play for real money I don’t know any I’ve played personally

    2. Amber, are u playing for money or just fun online? Is there a website we can play for cash online?

  19. Great video, love the bingo game. Have a terrific Tuesday. 💝😳

  20. Jackpot Streams and Bingo slots in the same video!!!! Oh my gatos!!! My favorite

  21. This machine looks like great fun. I reversed the vid and saw that you did get two Bingos. Wow. Now its even cooler. Good Luck and Hi to you and Britt!

  22. I dont even want to do a backup spin, but I will anyway. Wins 12 free games. 🤣

  23. Im liking Cashman Bingo! Cant wait to hit the casinos again!!! Fun video 😃!!

  24. 😂😂😂 that intro is awesome had to rewind it back to watch it again, so much fun lol

    1. That is what I did too…I kept rewinding it….Had to watch that alot…🤣…

  25. At 7:28, its almost like Cash man was in sync with your outro!

  26. For somebody who likes bingo ( me lol) and slots, I seriously cannot wait for Cashman Bingo to come to my local. I would definitely play it!!

  27. Brian…What fun games today…Some are New…Will have to check them out…Have a Great Day… Line it up 🎰🎰…

  28. Myth or fact-turning the volume to max gives u more chance of winning

    1. Myth, but it makes for a more exciting time.

  29. Happy Tuesday. Good luck BCSLOTS. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  30. Hi my name is Tom and I’m a compulsive gambler. Thanks BC slots.🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

    1. We all are🤣🤣🤣 just chasing that win🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

  31. Only if you knew when to do a back up spin,did you know Brian ,just asking.

    1. We always try to do a few back up spins just in case!!!

  32. Cash fortune wasnt very impressive didnt see to much potential, Line it up Brian 👍🏼 Mohegan Bob 😎

  33. Me my wife played this game on Saturday last weekend was so close to $8000 but no luck

  34. I got a double bingo on this same slot at Hard Rock Casino in Indiana. Was only betting .75 cents and it paid me 206 dollars. Also got 4 free games and a couple other bingos. Such a fun game

  35. I played this at my local casino and won the whole board. I didnt even have a bingo!

  36. I played this machine today at the new Hardrock in Indiana. I loved it one of my faves now

  37. That beeping was so annoying. I thought someone was outside my house lol

  38. Thanks for sharing two new games from Gimmie Games!

  39. Cashman Bingo was definitely better than Cash Fortune Deluxe. Thank you for your videos.

  40. Thank you for responding to my comment! Were hanging in there. Thank goodness for generators. Love you & Britt & Marco of course. 👍😀♥️

  41. Mr Cashman is one of our fav classics! Glad to see they brought him back!!

  42. Total bad luck beeping. Bet with the gamble chicken when something is out of place. Just dont do it. You will learn the gamble chicken ways or you will be alley loungers with beggers row!!!

  43. If every spin is random then the better chance button is false???

  44. need machines for the blind, they might like to play. a casino for blind and mentally/physically handicapped only would be sweet

  45. Hi guys. Ive enjoyed following you up until now, but the excess of advertisements on your channel is beyond a joke now. I wish you all the best, but am unsubscribing and unfollowing xx

  46. That was the best intro ever! Dallas, Tx always a little more

  47. Ive loved your vids for several yrs but your high limit bets are just too unrealistic for me and for that I am out. Hope you have enough dreamers to keep you going.

  48. Brian, I am so addicted to your show. They keep me so entertained. I feel like Im right at the casino. I dont know how I didnt know about shows like this, I just caught you about one month ago. Im so glad I did. Your show is the absolute BEST.My FAVORITE!. You are a celebrity to me and many more out there Im sure. LOVE, LOVE , LOVE YOU . Brit is very good also , you guys are a great team. You both have great senses of humor. THANK- YOU.

  49. I thought my car was getting repoed for a second with all that beeping!! 😂😂

  50. Omg Brian those back up spins😂You are a pro.👍Nice video again differend games. Say hello to Britt for me😊See you tomorrow,cant wait for it.

  51. I think Cash Fortune Deluxe should have shown us the Diamonds feature and the Free Games because I am going to be thinking about it all day! Good Luck guys!

  52. Brian that back up spin was awesome. Congrats 👏. We still have the original cash man. Thanks for sharing and stay safe . Have a wonderful Tuesday. 💜🥰💚

  53. The Mr Cashman bingo was cool — I will avoid that cash fortunes at all costs lol

  54. Is this the Britt show or the Brian Christopher Show? Asking for a friend.

    1. @Brian Christopher Slots just playing around 🤣 love your vids Brian! 👍🤙

  55. I loved all the games on this video specially the bingo one…

  56. Nice entrance Brian. Good thing Britt was there to pick you up off the floor!

  57. +
    Brian Christopher Slots – Thanks for playing and sharing two of our newest games 🙂

  58. As always Brian and Britt, you entertained me. I have played the Cash Fortune machine but frankly dont like it so much. It just seems very hard to win on.

  59. Not a fan of the new Cashman, much prefer the original Cashman games with the 5 random bonus games. Those are hard to find now, in Vegas I’ve only found them at Gold Coast and Orleans.

  60. I find it sad of myself that I know more about this game than Brian lol- I’ve been playing this game forever on the Cashman app

  61. I love aristocrat games. Wishing you great good luck and health and wealth. Thank you for the video. 🍀💵💰🤑🏦🍀💵💰🤑🏦🍀💵💰🤑🏦🍀💵💰🏦🍀💵💰🤑🏦🍀💵💰🤑🏦🍀💵💰🤑🍀💵💰🤑🏦
    Bonus bonus bonus WIN WIN WIN

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