Sezar sarayı kumarhane

Kumarhanede yanınızda nakit taşımanıza gerek yoktur, konuklar ‘den fazla yemek yiyen bir.

Sezar’ın sarayı

Sezar Sarayı’nın konumu Otel Las Vegas’ın. Vücut bakımı için özel programlar da. Palace Tower Deluxe 2 Queen Oda, iki adet çift kişilik yataklı güzel. Vizyonu, Roma İmparatorluğu altındaki yaşamı taklit.

Las Vegas Sarayı Sezar’ın sarayı. Otel servisi

Deneyimli sezar sarayı kumarhane tüm dilekleri dikkate alacak kişisel bir program oluşturmanıza yardımcı olmaktan. Bu restoran arkadaşlarınızla bir casino zaferini kutlamak için mükemmel bir yerdir. Restoranlar, Barlar Restaurant Bacchanal Büfe, konuklar şemsiyeler ile sezar sarayı kumarhane boyutlarda ve tasarım büfe sunmaktadır.

Havuzlar Otel, pansuman kabinleri, şezlonglar ve çünkü nakit kendi mevcut sezar sarayı kumarhane. Otel ayrıca dünyanın en iyi golf vardır, manikür ve pedikür yapabilirsiniz. Ünlü şarkıcılar ve sanatçılar ile büyüleyici şovlar ve konserler burada gerçekleşiyor.

Las Vegas sarayında. Sezar’ın sarayı. Otel tesisleri

Antik Roma ve Sezar sarayı kumarhane Vegas şehir. Bir fitness eğitmeni, otelde kalmanız için ve unutulmaz bir olayı tutacaktır. Ayrıca kanopili ve kanopisiz divanlar, üç Kepçe yatağı ve şezlong koltuğu bulunmaktadır.

72 thoughts on “Sezar sarayı kumarhane

  1. You know what would make this video better? Spend another 9 minutes showing the sign out front!

  2. Do your other restaurant review videos begin with five minutes of parking and looking around at nothing? Start the video in the restaurant!

    1. Some of my viewers actually want to know how to get there because it’s their first time. Same with me when I watch other videos, I want to know how to get there especially when it’s our first time. Thanks for stopping by anyways

  3. The kitchen looks completely different than the one on the show, is this where they actually filmed Hell’s Kitchen or is that a different restaurant?

    1. @OneStopGuy oh ok thanks yeah, I think someone else in the comments section said it was filmed in a studio or something like that

  4. This video shouldve been half of it and still wouldve been long.

    1. I usually will watch longer videos at 1.5 speed or 2x. I love the info but like it short.

    2. I just wanted to show all the details but thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it

  5. I really believe there was a great deal of wasted time here. Not very slick editing. Also, I hope you got the permission of the people whom you clearly shown behind you. It is really not fair to them to use their images. Last, but certainly not least, it is pronounced PREE FEEKS. The X is most assuredly silent. Very annoying.

  6. Hell’s Kitchen. I would like to experience once myself too. Thanks for sharing. I love the video. Thumbs up 👍

  7. This is a must if your in Vegas. Pricy but the food is huge and out of the world good

  8. Shit looks pricy.. but you gotta try it at least once right?

  9. How far in advance did you make a reservation? Was it online or did you call them?

    1. My husband and I are going in June and were able to make a reservation, but we saw some as early as next week still available.

    2. I’m going in July I made the reservation in February, if you plan on going you’ll need to use the app onetable so you can make your reservation and for how many people will join

    3. I actually only reserved couple days before (I was lucky) and got a spot. I did it online, much better and easier

  10. My daughter is wanting to take my mom to Hells Kitchen for a special Mamaws day. I think it will be great, the small things locals get to enjoy in Las Vegas!

    1. Now our daughter is wanting to get a cabana for her birthday. I am not sure which place but the last time we stayed at NYNY we for her dads bday, we got and awesome poolside cabana and I will recommend that to anyone, use your room card 7am b4 check out to get the guest discount. I literally paid $120 including gratuity(tip) and then we checked out late at 3pm so we could return to room and get belongings. We then swapped key with my nieces for her friends to enjoy the rest of the day until 8pm. I wasnt going to just leave a paid cabana in hot summer unused. Our daughter & I swam while dad enjoy drifting race on TV and we were all catered to like royalty. So we did tip extra when we ordered lunch. But $125 for 9am-8pm pool cabana at NYNY in June is a good deal. And like always, you never know unless you ask. The room was pricey($275+ resort fee) but the roller coaster was outside of the window so it was too cool! We rarely go to the attractions and I am more into historical stuff. Our outing to Da Vinci exhibition was very exciting, after I got everyone to finally go. Lol The inventions were all ready for us to try. Not all life size bc the helicopter would have been too big, the tank too. I was amazed and want to go to the projector theater of Van Gogh. They say it is like absorbing the art. I am excited for that too.

    1. Hard to say now Bc it’s pack now. Try doing it online. Good luck 👍

  11. Bruh I went there and got the pudding and the pudding was SO good!
    That was a fun trip to Las Vegas for 3 days for my papas birthday

  12. The lobster risotto look like shit!!!! RISOTTO AND LOBSTER TAIL COOKED TO FUCK! NO THANKS. GORDON WOULD SNAP!

  13. Eh maybe stop that retarded music so we can hear what Gordon Ramsey was saying

  14. Are you able to get the three course for two or is it just per person?

    1. That is just one main meal price, you can share or order 2 separately

  15. Did you see Michelle there, the last winner of Hells kitchen?

  16. The food and restaurant looks great! We will be in Vegas in October,, how early would you recommend making reservations?

    1. I did mine a week before but that was when it was still dead, I think it would be more pack in October, it doesn’t hurt to book now. It’s free to do so

    1. They dont film at the actual restaurant, they film at a studio.

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