Kızıl Meydandaki slot makineleri

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Sinema (Krasnodar) “Kızıl Meydan” – TV

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Sinema (Krasnodar) “Kızıl Meydan”

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  1. A wonderful adventure,,,,,,,,,,life prevails in the end 😊 🏳️‍🌈🙏🏼🇨🇦❤️

  2. I wouldnt want to go in the town by myself 😭 you of those people still live

  3. Oreo !gut veri gut 😀😀😀😀😁😁😁😤😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

  4. What’s good Explomers! 🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️

    I am so excited to finally release this long-awaited documentary with all of you! During 5 years of practising urban exploration, this has been the most impressive and touching place I have ever seen through my own eyes and explored thoroughly. Many know Chernobyl, many know Fukushima… little know this historic Italian hilltop city that got struck by an earthquake in 2009. After filming for over 3 days, having hours and hours of footage and spending weeks of editing the final documentary is ready and will soon première! 🎥

    Sit back, grab some popcorn 🍿 and prepare yourself for, in my opinion, the very best and highest quality video I have put together as the day of today. 🎞

    1. Oh, Maureno! So sad for these people who lost their homes!
      Before the tragedy struck, my husband and I went to Italy 🇮🇹
      We had a rental car 🚗 on our way to Loretto, Italy. We also drove to Rome, and saw highway signs to Puglia. We never made it there, although in my mind, I wondered how the region is. Until, I heard on the news the tragic earthquake ! Thank you for braving the exploration though just by yourself! Please, be careful.

    2. @Explomo why dont you to go visit Amatrice? Its a town who went damaged by several earthquakes. Now its a ghost city like LAquila.

  5. Felicitări pt filmarea documentata și explicațiile detaliate.

  6. Nunca trocarei o Brazil por nada…. O Brazil é o paraíso da terra.

  7. The city is abandoned but the private houses still having their owners. Not respecfull enter their homes, open their cupboards etc

  8. Hermoso documental,me encantó conocer un pueblo tan hermoso como es Italia en general.Gracias

  9. Brentius explomo, ciusano brientios yue 😢? bruik ven luitioys maza maza lukioj 👍

  10. It is not abandoned that houses owners are alive bit cannot back. You made an abuse entering and ooen doors.

  11. Fiquei imaginando os vinhos.. achei lindo um dos quintais q ele entrou tinha pés de uva.. e no porão onde faziam os vinhos… con certeza uma cidade bem antiga

  12. I would have loved to have lived in that village when its had life still in it or even now. Loneliness wouldnt be a problem. I wonder where all the pets ended up?

    My only complaint would have to be that the doors are not closed after departing the homes to not further the decay that will take place from the moisture.

    What a wonderful explore. Thank you so much for making this an extra long video. I love the videos that are very thorough and show everything. You are awesome. Mucho gracias!! From New Mexico.

  13. I came back to finish watching! Wonderful video. You have a great voice and your words are carefully chosen. Thank you

  14. Great video. I salute you for your coverage and description of these views, which may be greater than description, but you gave them their right to comment.. Thank you very very much ❤️🇮🇹❤️

  15. noi nay co phai duoc lay hinh trong heplai {cf} ko moi nguoi

  16. How did you dare? Are not house of skorpions are family house and they cannot enter because is forbidden by authorities. You showed a miserable situation of my country and said hope we enjoy to watch that. Put yourself in that family watching a stranger enter in our house….who gave you permission to enter? Fo Italians laws what you done is penalty for art. Constitution (violazione di domicilio) Very bad

  17. Inacreditável isso foi incrível
    Parabéns pela sua coragem Brasil

  18. This was fantastic. Best explore yet! The architecture is phenomenal. Thank you so much for this explore.

  19. What a tragedy that the government made them abandoned their place .I imagine how peaceful they live there before with such beautiful place.

  20. พวกเขาหายไปใหน

  21. Nossa porque será que abandonaram essa cidade


  23. Que hermoso lugar, te felicito muy buena exploración,gracias por ser tan respetuoso,saludos desde Zapopan Jalisco México 🇲🇽😍😍

  24. How come this huge beautiful area were abandoned for what reason?

  25. I am surprised how many building in good external conditions with no cracks or scratches….

  26. I saw this link and decided to read about this earthquake. Over 260 died in towns around the epicenter of this earthquake. The links shows photos and damage before nature overtook what remained. It’s disturbing that this maybe just one of several small towns that were damaged.

  27. Uma viagem maravilhosa pela história e arquitetura italiana, seus costumes e o triste abandono de seus bens. Espero muito q este lugar novamente possa renascer!!

  28. 1:02:22 theres nothing else inside, dont break the lock

  29. Parabéns pela exploração, muita emoção envolvida, obrigado por nos mostrar esses fatos importantes, super interessante. Valeu! Ganhou mais um inscrito .

  30. 😮👍👍 si te gusta el misterio y el terror en estado puro y extremo,vas a pasar mucho miedo con 2 de mis 4 libros (camino maldito y el cuidador del cementerio,),vas a disfrutar,tengo muy buenas críticas auntenticas,leelo y buscalo en google,que dios se ampare de tu alma,de tus huesos,lo vas a necesitar,aviso;no lo leas de noche,,

  31. Actually those other house still good. But, some is scary now, Coz its 11 yrs no one comeback to their and belongings.Good job dear. Keep safe and take care everywhere u go.

  32. 2.18I have experienced a 6,8 R earthquake in Athens which was horrific. I can tell you that 6,3 is not moderate size.

  33. Se siente el dolor ,la energía mala .Cuanto llanto ,pena .Dios bendito,lo peor que va a ver otro terremoto. Será triste ,puede ser en un mes o un año más.-Ahora me pregunto- ¿Cómo no recuperar algunas cosas?,gente humilde las pueden necesitar . También hay que destruir las casas,para edificar nuevas y firmes o plantar árboles .No entiendo.

  34. What an epic video, Its terrible what happend to the people and their houses. Thanks for showing me round the place. wishing you all the best. Look forward to the next video. take care.

  35. Even all animals have deserted the town, what I mean is there isn’t any strays., I guess no food what ever.

  36. Спасибо, очень эпичный обзор, как называется этот город?

  37. Khi con người chết hết. Thì vật chất chỉ là vô nghĩa. Cảm ơn bạn. Về thông tin trên.

  38. But why is still in this way? Italian have poured millions to help these people where is the money gone. Why no one is actually rebelling fighting to get their properties back? Are they gaining by ignoring it all?

  39. المدينه جميل جداا لقد حزنت كثير على حطامها
    كان من الممكن ان الحكومه تساعد الناس الخراج اثاثهم وجميع اغراضهم لاكن الاسف تركتها مهجوره شكراا الك ع هاذ الفديو الجميل والتاريخ الراقي احترامي الجميع

  40. My deepest and sincere condolences to those lives lost and for those who lost everything in that 27 second earthquake. I’m glad to see some reconstruction and inhabitants returning.
    You have outdid any exploration ever done.
    I plan on watching this again.

  41. I am surprised too as nothing has been ransacked….yet after your video I suspect it will be!!!

  42. Боже,как же жаль всю эту красоту…

  43. Surprised how an earthquake happened once and all the people fled and left their homes. We lived through the war and American planes were bombing over our heads, and we did not escape. We stayed in our homes .

  44. والله اني حزينه بعد ما شفت المقطع وأشكر على المصور شكرا

  45. Am watching here from philippines one your fans still awesome explomo to explore something in any place of the world
    Thanks for sharing your videos. 😘

  46. Steelers now after that video can enter inside that house and takes away the poor stuff remaining. I disagree that video. Where was the guardian at that early hour of the morning? I am Italian and disagree that illegal video because many families owner are still alive. IS A SHAME

  47. I’m so sleepy 😴 to be continued to watch again tomorrow goodnight 💤

  48. I don’t understand why with a earthquake with only 7 people in town dead, the residents were forced from their homes for 11 years and unable to retrieve their belongings? I live in Los Angeles and moved across the street from the Center of the Northridge Quake where one collapsed building killed 41 people. These could easily be cleaned up and re-enforced. This is a beautiful town with a community that lasted for over 600 years.

    1. I agree with u. And yes, why?🤔 Its traggic.

  49. А жить можно беглецам????

  50. This is heartbreaking. I know they are just things but to have to leave your treasured heirlooms. Things you can’t replace. If you can explore why can’t residents return to collect some of their belongings?

  51. What is it???? 44:38 what a horrifying voice!

  52. ทำเป็นโบสถ์ไปเลย

  53. i thought the radiation was too high there and i would certainly not go there or stay longer than a few minutes

  54. I remember when that happened just heartbreaking 😭I do like yall respectful of the homes that inter

  55. Ive seen so much black mold I use to have a job to go out clean up black mold

  56. Nossa adorei exeto pelas famílias que tiveram que abandonar suas casas e as outras que morreram e voce tem muita coragem minha família são descendentes de italianos😍😙

  57. Так хотелось посмотреть , но крутите камерой так, что стало плохо, закружилась голова и затошнило. Спасибо.

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